Product Review: Oral B 3D Whitestrips

oral b 3d whitestrips

Oral B 3D Whitestrips

Okay, so I’ve been wanting to try teeth whitening for a while now but I’ve always a little sceptical. I have heard both good and bad things which is why I have been hesitant until now. After weighing out the pros and cons and doing some research on teeth whitening, I decided to look for a decent whitening product and give it a go. 

Choosing a teeth whitening product seemed like the best way to go about it, since the dentist wanted to charge me £300. Obviously I wasn’t keen on that idea! So, after searching shops and the internet, I came across Oral-B 3D Whitestrips. I liked the sound of these strips as all the others I looked at didn’t sound like they’d do a good job. I also recognise Oral-B as a massive brand, so there’s that. They also aren’t too strong, as there other strips out there that are of mega strength, which I didn’t want. 

The Oral B 3D Whitestrips whitening kit I came across came as 28 foil pouches, which gives the customer 56 whitening strips in total. In the strips are roughly 6% hydrogen peroxide, which makes them stronger than most whitening kits but not too strong. 

Whitening Process

Using the Oral B 3D Whitestrips kit was easy, you simply apply the strips for the recommended time and peel away. You may need to swill your mouth out after to get of any residue but that’s it. You get a lot of strips with this whitening kit and the treatment lasts for 28 days. And for strips of this strength, you don’t need to use the whole treatment to get whiter results. I personally have used only half of the pack and I have achieved the desired level of whiteness. 

My teeth went from a dark yellow colour to a nice, pearly shade of white within 2 weeks of using these strips. Needless to say I am very happy with the results! Overall it was an easy process, the product delivered and my teeth are whiter after spending just £30… Who would complain at that?!

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