Crest Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips

crest professional effects teeth whitening strips

Crest Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips is a home teeth whitening kit from one of the most widely respected names in dental health – Crest. Why are these kits important though, and do they work?


Your teeth become discoloured for a variety of reasons, most of them down to everyday life. In other words, just by eating and drinking your teeth will become discoloured. This applies even if you have good oral hygiene.


Of course, there are things that will accelerate the discoloration of your teeth. This includes if you don’t look after them as well as you should, or if you smoke. It also includes simple things like drinking tea, coffee, or wine – these are some of life’s little pleasures, but they do not have a good impact on your smile.


Crest Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips can correct this discoloration of your teeth. In fact, it can remove a 14-year build-up of stains to give you a smile that is whiter than it has been for years.


Does It Work?


When it comes to whitening your teeth, you have a number of options. The most expensive options are laser treatments or treatments administered by your dentist. At the other end of the scale are products you buy off the shelf from brand names you don’t know and which make unsubstantiated claims about their effectiveness.


Sitting comfortably in the middle of these options is Crest Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips. It is not in the same category as the bargain basement options as it is produced by a widely respected company that we have all known for years.


It is not as expensive or intensive as getting laser treatment or going to the dentist, either, and it is less time-consuming. Here is the best part though – for many people, the results are just the same. That’s right – you can spend considerably less money (thousands less in some circumstances) and you can have the treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home, and the results will be just as effective.


Why is this? The reason Crest Professional Effects Whitening Strips is so effective is because the strips that come in the pack contain the same ingredients that are used in treatments administered by dentists. You simply apply the strips once a day for about 30 minutes, and within days you will start to see positive results. Within three weeks your teeth will be brighter and whiter than ever, and this will last for a year or more.


Simple Application


The strips are easy to use – applying them takes minutes and they mould perfectly to the shape of your teeth. In addition, they stay secure once on even if you eat, drink, or talk while wearing them. Once the 30 minutes is up you easily remove the strips and discard them.


This means you get three great benefits from Crest Professional Effects:


  • It’s a cost-effective teeth whitening solution
  • It’s simple to use
  • It works!


Getting a whiter and more attractive smile has never been easier. In fact, Crest Professional Effects could become as commonplace in bathrooms as toothpaste or dental floss. If you want a brighter smile, they should be your first choice.